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Annunziata Franzisi

LMT, Internationally Certified Level 3 Vodder School

Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage, Phone Consultation

Annunziata has been a Dr. Vodder certified therapist practicing in Colorado Springs for 8 years. Her Dr. Vodder training offered the most extensive program available in North America. Nancy was taught the original Dr. Vodder method of Manual Lymph Drainage. Included in her training was a full lymphedema care program with time spent learning orthopedic applications, treatment of soft tissue injuries, RSD, ulceration and skin conditions.

Annunziata’s certification is from the Dr. Vodder School International, the only program that teaches the original, unadulterated version of the Vodder technique. As a result of her training and mentorship, Annunziata has excellent hands, precision, and a lightness of touch that enables her to provide relaxation and pain reduction in addition to a positive drainage effect.

Annunziata has been mentored by two of the best Manual Lymphatic Drainage therapists in the world. One mentor, in her early 90’s, the other in her mid 70’s. Both mentors have taught at Dr. Vodder’s schools in the US and internationally. Their tremendous experience has been imparted to Annunziata through exchanging therapy. As a result, Annunziata knows very well what excellent MLD feels like on both the giving and receiving sides. Annunziata is able to discuss/review cases with both mentors to expand her understanding and effectiveness in helping others. Few if any, therapists have such a resource pool and support network to enrich their level of client care.

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